Precautions when using the autoclave

Release time:2020-02-14 13:25:32

[China Glass Network] 1. The autoclave is a pressure vessel, and the operator must undergo safety training. It is strictly forbidden to leave during the opening of the equipment; when the temperature and pressure rise abnormally, the heating switch should be turned off quickly, and the equipment should be manually vented to ensure the safety of the equipment.
2. The autoclave adopts two methods to lock the door opening motor without pressure when the pressure sensor detects the pressure in the control system and unlocks the door manually, and manual interlocking to ensure the safety of the door switch.
3. It is strictly forbidden to use flammable septa materials such as wood boards and silicone boards in the autoclave. Flame retardant materials such as PTFE board, flame retardant rubber board or long tail clip can be used as septa. Aramid rope or fine stainless steel wire is used for bundling glass cars. , Do not use flammable ropes, rarely or disable flammable edge-sealing materials such as dibutyl ester. Never drip, strictly prevent fire.
4. Before closing the door, check whether the intersection of the kettle door and the sealing ring is lubricated. If the door is opened, the gear reducer or the oil tank is filled with oil, the sealing surface must be polished frequently. Use graphite or talc to lubricate. Do not use butter lubrication. The sealing groove is smooth and rust-free and coated with graphite powder or talc powder. The surface of the seal ring and the sealing surface of the kettle door should be lubricated with graphite powder (talc powder).

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