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In 21st century, creations and inventions are bringing new changes every day. The science is influencing our life and changing our world. In high-tech kingdom, a powerful and famous enterprise - Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. is walking towards the morning sun follow the glorious footprint of yesterday.

With the emergence of the first generation of autoclave and laminated glass production line of China,  Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., LTD., a brand new enterprise is becoming more and more powerful in the business. Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. is located in  Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 200,000 m2 with over 300 employees. It is the unique enterprise in China which focused on researching, developing and manufacturing autoclave and complete set of laminated glass equipment in China. The products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions such as England, France and America with accumulative total sales more than 10000 sets. It owns Shenyang North Solar Energy Co., Ltd., Shenyang North Vessel Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Yaohua Safety Glass Co., Ltd with total value of out-put more than 2 billion Yuan. It always leads the new developing direction of the glass machinery industry in China.

The 20-year business fight has made China Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. today. Quality and Customer First is the principle of the company. The service idea of take the product as the center and take the customer as the focus has won the company great reputation in the business. It has also built a solid operation platform for leading the development of the industry.

 Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. owns CE certification of EU, certification for designing and manufacturing pressure vessels, ASME certification for manufacturing pressure vessels of USA, MOM certification for manufacturing pressure vessels of southeast Asia.ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and various patents 21 items; first-class product research and development team, international advanced equipment, national-level testing base, and experienced management team have laid a solid foundation for the company's leading position in the industry.

The full-hearted devotion gains heavenly returns. The perfect combination of sensibility and rationality makes the focus of attention one after another. At the same time of constantly improving the brand strategy and marketing management, Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. is also committing corporate social responsibility by helping the poor and assisting the needy to achieve new self-transcendence.

Facing the future, China Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. is proud to be the practitioner of strategic new industry and the producer of scientific renovation enterprise of China. Let our dream go together with the world.


Position in glass industry
“In 1993, China Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. was founded. It is the only company in China that specializes in manufacturing and developing complete sets of equipments (including autoclave) for laminated glass production lines. It is a leader in China's glass machinery industry with strong technical strength. With excellent technical equipment, excellent product quality, extensive application performance and excellent service, Liaoning North has a leading position in the domestic industry and enjoys a high reputation in the industry and the public. China's first laminated glass production line was born in our company."         
Position in glass industry

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