How does the glass washing machine avoid jammed glass?

Release time:2020-02-14 13:29:02

Glass washing machine operation method:
1. Turn on the power control switch, and a power indicator light is on. The voltage should be between 380V and 400V, indicating that the power is on.

2. Press the "Heating", "Water Pump" and "Rotate" buttons respectively, there will be heat temperature at the glass outlet; water will evenly flow out of the water tank at the lower part of the machine; all the rotating rollers in the machine will run, the fan will blow and the chain will rotate Stable, no abnormal noise, run for 10 minutes at no load. After everything is normal, turn off the water spray pipe switch on the suction roller, and then put the glass to be cleaned. But how can we avoid some emergency situations such as stuck glass?

There are several ways to prevent it:
1. Do not put glass exceeding the limit thickness of the washing machine.
2. When entering the film, the distance between the glass should be large enough.
3. Don't clean the glass smaller than the size specified by the equipment. When cleaning the glass that meets the requirements but the size is still small, someone must guard the air knife and roller brush of the washing machine. Shut down immediately to eliminate.
4. When cleaning narrow and long glass or smaller glass, the long side should be placed in the forward direction.
5. The angle of the air knife should be adjusted to meet the requirements, and the direction of blowing should not be too far into the direction of the film.

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