China's glass machinery industry needs brand support

Release time:2019-05-06 10:20:31

According to CMEN observation, due to the downturn in China's glass industry market, two or three large glass machinery enterprises have been “down” since the beginning of this year, and those small factories that have closed down or changed careers are countless, and the export volume has increased significantly. Sliding down. China's glass machinery enterprises are experiencing a cold winter. At present, there are thousands of glass machinery enterprises in China, but most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. The industrial structure is unreasonable, the industry is concentrated in labor-intensive products, and the technology-intensive products are obviously lagging behind developed countries. The industrial energy consumption is high and the output rate is low. There are many problems such as serious environmental pollution, weak technological innovation capability and backward management.
At present, the development of China's glass machinery is highly dependent on the international market. If domestic enterprises want to tide over the difficulties, it is urgent to establish the "China Glass Machinery" brand. To establish a Chinese glass machinery brand requires a multi-faceted effort. This requires the industry association to take the lead, the full support of export enterprises, through the commercial channels and public relations and other formal channels, establish a "China Glass Machinery" brand abroad. These factors are indispensable. The successful experience of industry associations in Germany and Italy is worth learning and learning.
The good development prospects of the glass deep processing industry will keep the Chinese glass machinery industry in a rapid development trend. It is estimated that from 2011 to 2013, the annual growth rate of automotive and building laminated safety glass in the Chinese market is about 30%. This means that the glass machinery industry has great potential and endurance in China.
Building and automotive glass and glass products, as substrates, play an increasingly important role in the development of diversification, bringing opportunities and challenges to glass production and processing equipment. The current flexible production process and multi-functional production equipment are the development trend of the world glass processing industry. They require glass processing equipment with a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. Automotive and architectural glass have been working to reduce the thickness of glass to meet market needs, which puts higher demands on glass deep processing technology. Many glass deep processing companies have begun to increase the efficiency of their production lines and integrate all aspects of glass deep processing. This will become the development trend of the future glass deep processing industry.

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