Scientific prevention and control of new corona virus

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Since the outbreak of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), all people units together  to fight against the epidemic-stricken battle without gunpowder. In order to effectively curb the spread and spread of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, ensure the health and life of the company's employees, and ensure that all units and project departments resume work smoothly after the festival, Liaoning North Glass Machine Co.,ltd comprehensively arranges preparations for resumption of work to effectively prevent epidemics control.

In response to the epidemic situation, the company's epidemic prevention team was set up, with the company's general manager as the team leader, and the heads of various departments and workshop directors as members of the group to perform personnel control, environmental disinfection, epidemic propaganda, and material preparation to ensure all the company's epidemic protection Measures are in place. The specific implementation is carried out and deployed by the Personnel Administration Department and Production Department, and all departments must effectively implement it.

All employees of the company must promise not to conceal, falsely report, or create rumors, voluntarily fill in the “Statistical Table of Employees’ Epidemic Situation ”and forecast the time of on-the-job appointment, and collect them by the Human Resources Department (before February 8).

Work area protection ballad

1.How to do it on the way to work?

Wear a mask properly. Try not to use public transportation. Walking, cycling, or taking a private car or shuttle are recommended. If you must use public transportation, you must wear a mask all the way. Try to avoid touching the contents in the car with your hands during the journey.
 Distinguish the front and back of the mask
 Metal strip is above the mask
 Press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands
 Stretch the mask down without wrinkles

2.How to do before entering the office building?

Before entering the office building, consciously take a temperature test. If the body temperature is normal, you can enter the building and wash your hands in the bathroom. If the body temperature exceeds 37.2 ℃, please do not go into the building to work, go home to observe and have a rest, if necessary, go to the hospital for treatment.
Ventilate the office environment 
Wash your hands in seven steps
Wash your hands frequently and drink plenty of water 
Both sides must wear masks when receiving outsiders

3 How to do in the office?

Keep the office area clean. It is recommended to ventilate 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time. Keep warm when ventilating. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter from person to person, and wear a mask when multiple people work. 
Wear a mask properly 
Ventilate the office environment
Wash your hands frequently and drink plenty of water
Keep a distance of more than 1 meter from person to person

4 How to transfer documents?

Wash your hands before and after transferring paper documents, and wear a face mask when transferring documents.

5 How to do phone disinfection?

The landline phone is wiped with 75% alcohol at least twice a day, and the disinfection time can be increased if used frequently.

6 How to do for attending a meeting?

It is recommended to wear a mask and wash your hands before entering the meeting room. The meeting staff should be more than 1 meter apart. Reduce centralized meetings and control meeting time. When the meeting time is too long, open the window for ventilation once. The venue and furniture must be disinfected after the meeting. 
Wash your hands before a meeting 
Keep a distance of more than 1 meter between people during the meeting 
If the meeting is too long, open the window for ventilation. 
Disinfect the venue after the meeting

7 How to eat in the dining room?

Adopt divided meals to avoid crowded people. The restaurant is disinfected daily, and the tables and chairs are disinfected after use. Cutlery must be sterilized at high temperature. The operation room should be kept clean and dry. It is strictly forbidden to mix raw food and cooked food to avoid raw meat.
During the epidemic, suppliers will provide one week of ingredients at one time, and the company will not purchase them separately.
During the epidemic, employees are encouraged to bring their own meals.
Start meals at 11:30, eat separately, avoid crowded people 
Cancel meals for outsiders 
Bring your own tableware, keep one meter away others
One person sit at each table, sitting in the same direction, cannot face each other.

8How to do at public areas?

Before going to work, the personnel administration department and production department sterilize all the company's area once. After work, twice a day. Key areas-offices, bathrooms, domestic garbage storage sites and smoking spots. Special persons will disinfect these places once a day, morning and evening.
Sanitizing hand sanitizers are set up in major areas such as public health area, requiring employees to wash their hands frequently and rinse them with running water.

9 How to do official procurement?

Be sure to wear a mask to avoid crowds. Keep in contact with people at a distance of more than 1 meter and avoid staying in public places for long periods.

10 How to do business travel?

Wipe the interior and door handle of the car with 75% alcohol once a day.

Masks must be worn when taking the shuttle bus. After use, the interior and door handles of the shuttle bus should be wiped and disinfected with 75% alcohol.

1 1 How to do a business visit?

Wear a mask. All foreigners must register at the gate, with their names, phone numbers, ID cards and other information.
Before entering the factory area, first take a temperature test in the security room, and introduce if contacted someone from Hubei province and if having the symptoms of fever, cough, and poor breathing or not.
Without the above situation, and the body temperature is under the normal conditions of 37.2 °, you can enter the factory area for business.

12How to do logistics support?

Service personnel, security personnel, and cleaning personnel must wear masks while working, and keep a safe distance from people.
Canteen purchasers or suppliers must wear masks and disposable rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with fresh meat and poultry materials. Wash hands and disinfect them immediately after removing gloves. 
Cleaning staff must wear disposable masks and rubber gloves when working, and wash their hands after disinfection. 
Security personnel must wear masks to work, and carefully inquire and register the status of outsiders, and report any abnormalities in a timely manner.

13 How to do in the dormitory?

The dormitory needs to be disinfected in the morning, midday and evening, and the dormitory staff is scheduled for duty on a rotating basis.

14 What about waste disposal?

During epidemic prevention time, hand hygiene should be done before and after removing masks. Discard masks should be placed in trash cans, and the trash can should be disinfected with 75% alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectant twice daily.

15 How to do after work?

After washing your hands, wear a disposable medical mask to go out. After you return to your home, remove your mask and wash your hands first. Wipe the phone and keys with a sterile wipe or 75% alcohol. Keep the room ventilated and hygienic to avoid crowds.
Hand wash disinfection
Phone key disinfection
Ventilate the room 
Avoid multi-meal gathering

16 How to do it during epidemic prevention?

Before the epidemic prevention period ends, the company temporarily cancels or controls the number of people to participate in collective activities and large-scale meetings to minimize or stop travelling on business. If necessary, report and obtain consent from management at all levels. Do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, using social media to spread false information is strictly prohibited to create panic.

Dedicated to overcome difficulties

The new type of coronavirus pneumonia is menacing, with an incubation period up to 14 days. What we can do is to do a good job of health protection for ourselves and our families so that we are not infected.

Life is the most important. The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Let us unite as one, and resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control under the strong leadership of all levels and departments! Although the virus is terrible, Liaoning North Glass Machine Co.,ltd always believes that no matter how great the difficulties are, we will eventually pass! Let us look forward to the blossoming of the Chinese land, and bless the mighty motherland!

Here, I would also like to thank every colleague of Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. for their support and understanding of virus prevention work, and all staff to build a healthy and safe working environment!

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