Give warm to the cold winter, warm the heart of the elderly.

Release time:2020-01-23 11:17:00

Give warm to the cold winter, warm the heart of the elderly. The Spring Festival is approaching, and it has a strong annual flavor. In order to make the poor seniors have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, before the Spring Festival on January 22, Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. took the theme of "Care about the elders and help the elders." Donating love and charity to 38 impoverished seniors over 60 years old in Koujia Village, Niuxinyu Town, Liaozhong County, Shenyang City, and using practical actions to take care of the elderly, at the same time embodying the enthusiasm of social welfare from Liaoning North Glass Machine Co.,ltd. 

General Manager Ms. Zhang Jingcui addressed on the donation ceremony. She said respecting the elderly and respecting them is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Since its establishment, Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing caring and charitable help to socially disadvantaged groups in various ways. The company has always kept in mind the concept of "get rich and think source, and become rich while thinking progress", and don't forget to reward the society. Do our best, dedicate love, serve the society, and strive to "providing for the old, supporting for the old, and make the old happy".

Koujia Village Committee Secretary Yu Shui said: "Thanks to Liaoning north glass machine Co.,ltd. Every year before the Spring Festival, they will sympathize with the needy elderly in the village and bring them a rich red envelope of love. They remember us every year, not only in terms of material help, but also warmed the hearts of the elderly in spirit. "


Sharing is harvesting, giving people a rose, and having fragrance in their hands. This donation activity fully reflects the philanthropic spirit of Liaoning North Glass Machine Co.,ltd 's helpfulness and selfless dedication, and demonstrates Liaoning North Glass Machine Co.,ltds moral sentiment and strong sense of social responsibility. I hope that through this "heart-to-the elderly" donation activity, let them feel deep love. In the end, Ms. Zhang Jingcui on behalf of Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. said that she would continue this caring activity next year.

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