Warmly celebrate Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. won the Golden Glass Award

Release time:2019-06-13 13:23:53

It lasted 117 days, the total number of page views was 1,051,847, and the number of visitors was 556,281. The number of participating glass companies was 523, and the total number of visitors was 3,117,712. Behind this amazing number, the participation of the sixth "Golden Glass Award" was extremely high. The scope of influence radiates the world's confirmation, and it is the embodiment of China Glass Network's voice for Chinese glass brands, helping Chinese glass companies to go abroad.

The “Golden Glass Award”is based on the principle of“fairness, justice, openness, and public welfare”and is an authoritative platform for providing brand image display and strength selection for the Chinese glass industry. It is hoped that a number of powerful brands will be selected to set an example for the industry and lead the development of the glass industry brand. Let "Made in China" become "China's creation" and let "Chinese products" become "Chinese brands!”

Expert review session, by professor-level senior engineer Li Yong, professor-level senior engineer Han Song, professor, doctoral tutor Zhuang Xiaowei, professor-level senior engineer Lin Hongbin, professor-level senior engineer Lu Wanshun, senior engineer Niu Xiao, senior engineer Liu Ming, professor level Gao Gong Wan Detian, deputy director Duan Guoping, 9 senior industry executives.

On May 21, 2019, under the witness of many mainstream media such as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Tencent, Sina, International Business Daily, etc., the "Oscar" of the glass industry---"Golden Glass Award" in Beijing Crown Plaza Airport is held in Grand Opening. This "Golden Glass Award" is based on the theme of "Connecting, Crossing, and New", and aims to recommend excellent Chinese glass brands and suppliers to the world. Ms. Zhang Jingcui, General Manager of Liaoning North Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in this industry event and won the grand prize:Glass Machinery Innovation Brand



Hardships and hardships, the road to technological innovation is not easy, but Liaoning North has done it! A long road to innovation, holding the heart of the heart, as an innovative product, Liaoning North dares to break through the conventions and realize the transformation from "Made in China" to" Created in China." The north of Liaoning shows the influence of Chinese glass!


"The road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down." Liaoning North will highlight the rise of China's glass industry with leading glass technology, production process management, product quality, and new product research and development capabilities!


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