China Liaoning North Machine Co., Ltd shines in 2019 China Glass Exhibition

Release time:2019-06-13 15:50:00

The 30th China Glass Exhibition will be successfully concluded. Liaoning North Glass Machine Co., Ltd. has ushered in an unprecedented grand occasion as a veteran glass deep processing enterprise for more than 20 years, showing the strength of LNBF and the spirit of LNBF.


For more than 20 years, LNBF has been sharing the same fate, development, and prosperity with its customers. It has won extensive support and trust from the glass industry and has become an important force in the glass industry. During the exhibition, Liaoning North won the “20-year Contribution Award” from China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition.


At the exhibition, LNBF exhibited the newly developed high-end laminated glass forced convection high-speed pre-pressing machine, which was widely praised by customers at home and abroad. It is expected that there will be 30 to 50 million orders in the near future.



With this China Glass Exhibition, “LNBF Manufacturing” was pushed to the wider stage of the world, which is the wing of LNBF.


Grateful customers, consistent support, trust and tolerance have made the LNBF  today, you have given us trust and confidence, so that we continue to innovate, constantly transcend, and constantly advance, thanks to the stranger from the strange to the familiar, LNBF The success, win you all the way! Believe that our friendly cooperation will be strengthened. I wish that we can go hand in hand to create brilliant!


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